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Select by area or category the Care Homes and Nursing Homes you require. Data includes key contact info, number of beds, registered & specialist care categories, facilities & services ownership, fees and rooms info. Ideal for targeted in depth research.

Total number of records: 18763
Total number of fields in the file: 124
Licence basis: Annual (includes unlimited data updates during licence period).

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Field No. Field Name Field contents Additional detail
1 REFKEY Reference Key
2 COUNTRY Country
3 REGION Region
4 COUNTY County
5 DISTRICT District
6 LOCALAUTHORITY Local Authority
7 FULLNAME Full Name
8 MAILINGNAME Mailing Name
9 ADDRESS1 Address 1
10 ADDRESS2 Address 2
11 ADDRESS3 Address 3
12 POSTALTOWN Postal Town
13 POSTCODE Post Code
14 TELEPHONE Telephone
15 TPS_REGISTERED TPS Registered Indicates whether the telephone number is in the TPS or CTPS official central opt out register.
16 FAX Fax
17 WEBSITE Website
18 NAMEOFPERSONINCHARGE Name of Personin Charge
19 JOBTITLE JobTitle
20 SALUTATION Salutation
21 NAMEOFOWNER Name of Owner
22 SALUTATIONOFOWNER Salutation of Owner
23 OWNERSHIPTYPE Ownership Type Private = commercially run.
Voluntary = not for profit, eg charities, associations, trusts, societies.
Local Authority = owned & run by local authority.
NHS = owned by Primary Care Trusts (PCTS), NHS Trusts or
24 SERVICETYPE Service Type
25 REGISTEREDMAXSERVICEUSERS Registered Maximum Number Of Service Users
26 MALEORFEMALYONLY Maleor Femaly Only
27 REGULATORYAUTHORITY Regulatory Authority
28 GROUPNAME Group Name
29 GROUP_REFKEY Group Reference Key
30 CHARITYNUMBER Charity Number
31 YOUNGERADULTS Younger Adults
32 OLDAGE Old Age
33 DEMENTIA Dementia
34 MENTALHEALTH Mental Health
35 LEARNINGDISABILITY Learning Disability
36 PHYSICALDISABILITY Physical Disability
37 SENSORYIMPAIRMENT Sensory Impairment
38 SUBSTANCEMISUSE Substance Misuse
39 DETENTIONUNDERMHA Detention Under Mental Health Act
40 EATINGDISORDERS Eating Disorders
41 NONMEDICAL Non Medical
42 ALCOHOLDEPENDENCE Alcohol Dependence
43 ALZHEIMERS Alzheimers
46 ASPERGERSYNDROME Asperger Syndrome
47 AUTISM Autism
48 BIPOLARMANICDEPRESSION Bipolar/Manic Depression
49 CANCERCARE Cancer Care
50 CEREBRALPALSY Cerebral Palsy
51 CHALLENGINGBEHAVIOUR Challenging Behaviour
52 COLITISCROHNSDISEASE Colitis & Crohn's Disease
53 DOWNSYNDROME Down Syndrome
54 DRUGDEPENDENCE Drug Dependence
55 EPILEPSY Epilepsy
56 HEADBRAININJURY Head Brain Injury
57 HEARINGIMPAIRMENT Hearing Impairment
58 HUNTINGTONS Huntingtons
59 MOTORNEURONEDISEASE Motor Neurone Disease
60 MULTIPLESCLEROSIS Multiple Sclerosis
61 MUSCULARDYSTROPHY Muscular Dystrophy
62 NEUROPATHIC Neuropathic
63 ORTHOPAEDIC Orthopaedic
64 PARKINSONS Parkinsons
65 PRADERWILLISYNDROME Prader-Willi Syndrome
66 PROFOUNDMULTIPLELEARNINGDISABILTIES Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilties
67 SCHIZOPHRENIA Schizophrenia
68 SPINABIFIDA Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
69 STROKE Stroke
70 VISUALIMPAIRMENT Visual Impairment
71 SPEECHIMPAIRMENT Speech Impairment
72 OTHERCAREOFFERED Other Care Offered
73 SINGLEROOMS Single Rooms
74 SHAREDROOMS Shared Rooms
76 PCSINGLEROOMMINWEEKLYCHARGE Pesonal Care Single Room Min Weekly Charge
77 PCSINGLEROOMMAXWEEKLYCHARGE Personal Care Single Room Max Weekly Charge
78 PCSHAREDROOMMINWEEKLYCHARGE Personal Care Shared Room Min Weekly Charge
79 PCSHAREDROOMMAXWEEKLYCHARGE Personal Care Shared Room Max Weekly Charge
80 NCSINGLEROOMMINWEEKLYCHARGE Nursing Care Single Room Min Weekly Charge
81 NCSINGLEROOMMAXWEEKLYCHARGE Nursing Care Single Room Max Weekly Charge
82 NCSHAREDROOMMINWEEKLYCHARGE Nursing Care Shared Room Min Weekly Charge
83 NCSHAREDROOMMAXWEEKLYCHARGE Nursing Care Shared Room Max Weekly Charge
84 PALLIATIVECARE Palliative Care
85 CONVALESCENTCARE Convalescent Care
86 RESPITECARE Respite Care
87 DAYCARE Day Care
89 PHYSIOTHERAPY Physiotherapy
90 INDEPENDENTLIVINGTRAINING Independent Living Training
91 SHELTEREDHOUSING Sheltered Housing
92 OWNGPIFREQUIRED Own GP ifrequired
93 OWNFURNITUREIFREQUIRED Own Furniture if required
94 PETSBYARRANGEMENT Pets by arrangement
95 SMOKINGNOTPERMITTED Smoking not permitted
97 WHEELCHAIRACCESS Wheelchair Access
98 GROUNDFLOORACCOMMODATIONONLY Ground Floor Accommodation only
99 GARDENSFORRESIDENTS Gardens for Residents
100 BARCAFEONPREMISES Bar Cafe on Premises
101 RESIDENTSKITCHENETTE Residents Kitchenette
102 PHONEPOINTINOWNROOMORMOBILE Phone point in own room or Mobile
103 TELEVISIONPOINTINOWNROOM Television point in own room
104 RESIDENTSINTERNETACCESS Residents Internet Access
105 NEARPUBLICTRANSPORT Near Public Transport
106 OWNMINIBUSOROTHERTRANSPORT Own Minibus or other Transport
107 CLOSETOSHOPS Close to Shops
108 LANGUAGESSPOKENBYSTAFF Languages spoken by staff
109 ADMISSIONRESTRICTIONS Admission Restrictions
110 PROPERTYPURPOSEBUILT Property Purpose Built
111 FIRSTYEARASCAREHOME First Year as Care Home
112 YEAROFLASTMAJORCONVERSION Year of Last Major Conversion
113 INDUSTRIALWASHINGMACHINEON_SITE Industrial Washing Machine on-site
114 AGEFROM Age from
115 AGETO Age to
116 NOOFBEDSPRIVATELYFUNDED Number of Beds Privately Funded
117 PHOTO_URL Photo URL URL for a Photo
118 LOGO_URL Logo URL URL for a Logo
119 VIDEO_URL Video URL URL for a Video
120 OPEN_STATUS Open Status Shows whether the provider is currently open for business or, if not, the Date of which it is opening.
121 LATITUDE Latitude
122 LONGITUDE Longitude
123 REVIEW_COUNT Number of Reviews Number of Reviews (Archived or Non Published Reviews are not included in this count)
124 REVIEW_SCORE Review Score