Nursery Groups Data

Groups in the UK that own 2 or more Day Nurseries or Nursery Schools. Database includes number of nurseries owned and ownership type. Ideal for mailing lists, tele-sales and research.

Total number of records: 1293
Total number of fields in the file: 22
Licence basis: Annual (includes unlimited data updates during licence period).

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Field No. Field Name Field contents Additional detail
1 REFKEY Reference Key
2 COUNTRY Country
3 REGION Region
4 COUNTY County
5 FULLNAME Full Name
6 MAILINGNAME Mailing Name
7 ADDRESS1 Address 1
8 ADDRESS2 Address 2
9 ADDRESS3 Address 3
10 POSTALTOWN Postal Town
11 POSTCODE Post Code
12 TELEPHONE Telephone
13 FAX Fax
14 WEBSITE Website
15 TPS_REGISTERED TPS Registered Indicates whether the telephone number is in the TPS or CTPS official central opt out register.
16 OWNERSHIPTYPE Ownership Type Private = commercially run.
Voluntary = not for profit, eg charities, associations, trusts, societies.
Local Authority = owned & run by local authority.
NHS = owned by Primary Care Trusts (PCTS), NHS Trusts or
17 CHARITYNUMBER Charity Number
18 COMPANYORPERSON Company or Person
19 DAYNURSERIES Day Nurseries
20 NURSERYSCHOOLS Nursery Schools
21 REVIEW_COUNT Total Number of Member Reviews Total Number of Group Member Reviews (Archived or Non Published Reviews are not included in this count)
22 REVIEW_SCORE Group Review Score The Group Review Score is derived from the average of all the Review Scores of its Members with a Review Score. 50%+ Members of the Group must have a Review Score before a Group Review Score can be achieved.